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11 October 2009 @ 08:06 pm
"Tomorrow" part 1, K/S fic, Star Trek XI  
Title: Tomorrow
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Genre: pre-slash, uh, adventure?
Summary: My response to this prompt posted on st_xi_kink.

AU, where Pike is still the Captain, and Spock is the First Officer.

When Spock first got onto the ship he heard it is haunted by a ghost but didn't believe in the rumour because ghosts are illogical. Spock meets Lt. Kirk who seems the only one (besides Spock) who doesn't believe in the ghost. Spock finds Kirk's company quite entertaining and soon they become friends.

And they could live happilly ever after if Spock didn't discover that there is no James Kirk on the list of the Enterprise crew.

That's when he hears a story which took place a few years ago. The transporter malfunctioned/strange waves from the space scanned the ship/whatever, and a young crew member lost his life. His body dematerialized and after some time he's considered dead. The guy was James T. Kirk himself and Spock doesn't really know what to do next because: "OMFG! I've been falling in love with a ghost! I mean... Fascinating."

Bonus - happy ending
Double bonus and internet - if Bones is the person who tells the story about Kirk's death.

Pretty please? With cherry on top?

A/N: So, let me just say that I have no idea about the laws of physics and the structures of the ST universe. I totally made up some of the things, since I am new to ST fandom. Also, a small warning - you may find some mistakes and some typos - please forgive me if I butchered the language and the grammar a bit. :)

Also, feedback is most welcome. :D

They say Enterprise is a haunted ship. They say there are strange things going on onboard the ship and even though there were no witnesses, the crew believes that they have a ghost on the ship.

Enterprise is a really good ship. It’s new and the bravest and the smartest people were assigned to that ship. This is why Spock applied for the place of the First Officer on that vessel. It was both stimulating and calming to be there.

People were quite friendly, unlike cadets at the Academy. People on Earth were a bit tentative around him, probably because of his Vulcan heritage. Spock assumed it was because of the location. Earth was their home. But in space they all shared the same fate, the same vessel, and the planet they were from had no matter in this situation.

This is where his work was most effective. Things which distracted him on Earth, weren’t able to get to him here, even though some of them were still irritating. Captain Pike tormented Spock by telling him that this is how one ‘feels at home’, despite Spock’s explanations that Vulcans are not capable of experiencing this feeling or emotions in general. Pike would just smile and turn his attention elsewhere.

Sometimes, though, Spock did admit to himself that he is most comfortable on Enterprise. More than when he still lived on Vulcan, even.

First Officer Spock took his replicated meal and turned around to walk towards one of many empty tables, when he suddenly bumped into another person.

The tray with his food slipped from his fingers and down to the floor. The food remained mainly on the tray although several bits fell off the tray.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” A young man, Lieutenant – Spock saw the markings on the uniform – bent down to gather the remains of the meal. “I really didn’t mean to walk into you.”

“Apology is not necessary.” Spock replied crouching down next to the man and gathering the food back onto tray. He didn’t say that he should have been able to hear or sense the Lieutenant’s presence. He must have been too preoccupied with thinking about his place on the Enterprise.

“Are you for real?” the other man asked, lifting the tray and walking to the nearest table. He set the tray down, and sat on the opposite side. Spock followed and took his place at the tray.

“You question does not seem to have any meaning since I am, as you said, for real. The simple fact that you are capable to see me and to hear me proves your question illogical.”

The man smiled, amused.

“My name is Jim. Jim Kirk.”

“I am Spock.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr Spock. How do you like Enterprise so far?”

“I find it quite stimulating and demanding. Also, it is the chance to live with humans and to learn more about your species.”

Jim watched as Spock dug through his meal.

“May I enquire to what are you doing here at such a late hour?”

Jim lifted his eyebrows. Spock decided he has never seen such blue eyes. Fascinating. Actually, almost everything about Jim was truly magnificent. He was the first human to start a conversation with him without a blink of an eye. He seemed to pay no attention to Spock being a Vulcan.

They barely met but Spock already sensed waves of positive emotions coming from Lt. Kirk.

“I was just wandering around, trying to find something to do to relax after a hard day. But without any success.” He smirked. Spock lifted an eyebrow.

“I would recommend chess as a relaxing activity, but I recently discovered humans have difficulties with grasping the rules of the game.”

“Hey! I can play chess.” Jim frowned, slightly indignant.

“I meant the tridimensional version of the game.” Spock explained pointedly.

“I can play 3D chess.” Jim grinned and straightened a bit, seeming rather proud of this. Then his face took almost serene look. “What about a game of chess tomorrow? I doubt there would be anyone else on this ship who could play the game with you.”

Spock doubted Lt. Kirk had any considerable chances but agreed anyway. Even a game with somebody inexperienced would be more entertaining than no game at all.

“Very well.” He agreed. “Tomorrow it is.”

Kirk smiled at him, like this simple game of chess was something crucial in his life. Well, Spock had a chance to investigate it further.

The other man kept him company for some time and when Spock finished his meal, Jim left, reminding Spock of their meeting the next day.

This should be a very interesting game.


The 3D chess game was, in fact, truly irritating. Kirk had no strategy, he was making moves which were illogical and inessential, but he won two out of three games.

Also, the human seemed to enjoy arguing that Spock surely must feel at least a bit frustrated. Every time Spock reminded him that he was Vulcan and he wasn’t able to experience emotions.

And despite they were so different from each other, they seemed to get along pretty well. Spock never spent so much time with a human when it wasn’t regarding an important matter. Of course, he didn’t count his mother because she partly accepted the Vulcan way, and he couldn’t compare her to illogical and chaotic humans.

“What are you thinking, Mr. Spock?” There was amusement in Kirk’s voice. That was something new for the Vulcan, because usually people, when addressing him, were trying to be at least serious.

“I’m contemplating on your species’ tendency to ignore logic.” He simply said, lifting his eyes from the chessboard.

Kirk smirked.

“There are some things in this world which can be understood only after pushing the logic aside.”

“Illogical.” Spock simply murmured and watched his king being surrounded. Again.

“Check mate.”

The Vulcan narrowed his eyes and let out a short huff.

“I’ll say you are quite irritated.”

Spock would normally argue but that seemed to have no effect on the human, so he simply lifted an eyebrow.

“Would you like to play once more?”

“You just don’t give up, do you?”

Spock didn’t answer. Instead, he set the chess ready for another game.


Captain Pike, despite to his reputation, also seemed to believe in the ghost. At first the Captain was quite surprised when he found out that Spock didn’t encounter any strange circumstances. Every new member of staff sooner or later reported strange fluctuations in the power circuits, changes in their replicated food orders or problems with the communication.

Spock reported no such thing since he joined the crew. Which was over five months ago.

“Mr. Spock, we have received new orders from the Starfleet and it seems we can allow ourselves for a small break in our mission. We are going to stop by at Starbase Eight to refresh our medical supplies. It might take some time and since you have worked very hard I thought you might enjoy some free time, away from the ship full of humans.”

Pike smiled slightly at Spock and waited for his answer.

“Come on, Spock. You have to relax sometime and forget about work.”

“Is this necessary, Captain?” Spock asked. He didn’t need to leave the ship to relax. The Vulcan meditation techniques were sufficient for his well being.

“Not really. But you are entitled to shore leave as any other person here on this ship. I’m just worried about you. You haven’t joined any leisure activities outside of your scientific research even though you were invited many times.”

“I must disagree, Captain. I have, on numerous occasions engaged in such activities. I regularly play chess which, in fact, is quite refreshing.”

Christopher Pike frowned. He could swear the Vulcan never even looked at the chess in the common room.

“Is that so?” he asked, trying not to sound too surprised. It wasn’t the fact that Spock did have a life outside his work. It was that nobody noticed anything.

“Indeed, Captain. And may I ask if it would be possible to pass my shore leave over to another crew member? He is devoted to his job and deserves to have some time away from his daily tasks.”

The Captain’s eyebrows rose up to the hairline.

“Of course, Mr. Spock. But… are you sure?”

Spock put his hands behind his back and straightened.

“Yes, Captain, I am sure.”

“No problem then. I just need to know the name to check with the logs if he truly does deserve a time off. I can’t let out too many people that is why I thought of those who put more effort in our mission than others.”

Spock nodded once. Huh, Pike thought. It would seem that the Vulcan made friends with someone anyway.

“I will send the formal request by the end of the shift, Captain.”

“That’s perfectly fine, Mr. Spock.”

Spock felt the tight knots loosen up a bit in his stomach. Jim was most suitable candidate for the shore leave, and the Lieutenant could only benefit from a small break in his work.


Kirk’s ability to avoid certain subjects was quite fascinating. After two weeks of regular games, or simple conversations, Spock still knew little about the other man.

Kirk liked to talk about his home in Iowa, he often spoke about his mother, but never gave any details. Jim also spoke about his work in the engine room, but as the First Officer, Spock was supposed to know the nature of all the crew members’ tasks on the ship. Besides, he was also science officer, engine room had little secrets before him.

Considering that humans occasionally liked to avoid uncomfortable subjects, Spock didn’t see the point in asking Kirk to talk more about himself. Instead, the Vulcan gave in to Jim’s requests to tell something about his life before Earth, when he was still on Vulcan.

There were moments though, when they fell silent. It was quite comfortable.

Sometimes he could sense Jim’s emotions. Usually it was contentment or happiness, but other times he could sense something else. Sadness. Mourning.

Whatever it was Jim was missing, Spock didn’t know. And if he could, he would wish for the human to find what he was missing.

He even considered asking, but that would not be appropriate. So he just enjoyed Kirk’s company as much as he could. As a First Officer, he often was needed at various time during day and night. He didn’t need as much sleep as the rest of the crew which was sufficient.

However, he was concerned for Kirk. The Lieutenant seemed to be always available and their meetings started to get longer and more interesting. Working in the engine room was never an easy task and Spock could only admire Kirk for being full of energy even after a busy shift.

And Jim was working really hard from the looks of it. Spock often visited that parts of the ship and Jim was never in sight. The most logical explanation was that he was simply working on the ship’s systems, since Enterprise was damaged in the recent meteor shower.

So he voiced his admiration the next time they met, almost immediately after the human stepped into Spock’s quarters. They have moved with their chess games out of the common room two weeks before. The room was often used by other crew members and Jim didn’t seem to be keen on having an audience for their friendly meetings.

Standing in Spock’s room now, Kirk was rather startled by the words of appreciation coming from the Vulcan, but then he looked genuinely happy.

“Spock, I didn’t know you cared.” He smirked, teasing the First Officer.

“Caring would require one to have emotions. I was simply acknowledging your effort and your hard work. As a superior officer I was entitled to do such a thing.”

Something in Kirk’s eyes told him that the human didn’t believe him. Spock ignored it. When Kirk receives his pass he will believe that his work is appreciated.

“ Lieutenant- “ he started but was interrupted by Kirk.

“Jim.” The human smiled and walked towards the table where the chess board was already set. “When I’m off duty, I prefer my friends to call me Jim. Unless.. unless you want to keep it professional.” He hesitated.

“Jim,” Spock continued, experiencing a strange vibration when he noticed the human’s relief. “Would you be willing to leave the ship for a short time if you were offered a shore leave pass?”

Kirk frowned.

“I don’t know, Spock. It depends.”

Spock lifted his eyebrow, asking.

“It depends. Are you going?.” Jim answered the unspoken question.

“Unfortunately I would be staying on the ship. I do not require much time for recreation. You, however, are human, and you need more rest than a Vulcan. And Starbase Eight is a suitable place for relaxation.”

Kirk’s face fell slightly, but he covered it with a smile almost immediately.

“Then I’ll stay too.” He simply stated.

Spock opened his mouth to argue but Kirk didn’t let him.

“I’m not tired, really. I’d prefer to go on shore leave on Earth, visit my friends and family. I really don’t want to go right now. But thank you for your concern.” Lt. Kirk smirked. “Unless this was an order.”

“No, Lieutenant. It wasn’t an order. Although Dr. McCoy could make it a medical order.”

Jim lowered his head guiltily, and smiled shyly.

“Don’t worry, Commander. I’ll try not to give the good doctor any reasons to force me into medical leave.“ the human blinked at Spock and took his seat at the table.

“Shall we begin our game?”

Spock inclined his head and sat down on the opposite side of the table. If Jim didn’t want to rest on the starbase, he just had to make sure the man didn’t overwork himself.

And even though Kirk’s behavior was illogical (even for a human because anyone else on the ship would immediately make the most of their shore leave), it was his decision to make and Spock could only respect that.


Several days later Spock met Kirk on his way to his quarters. It wasn’t their meeting that night, Kirk was scheduled on Gamma shift, but he stood right there, in the hall, smiling and leaning against the wall.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the engine room, Lieutenant?” he asked but his voice was devoid of his usual distance and superior tone.

“I am. But I still have fifteen minutes before I should be there.” Jim pushed against the wall and stood beside Spock, following his when the Vulcan continued his way. “I just wanted to make sure that you remember about our meeting tomorrow.”

“Lieutenant, I remember the date and the hour precisely as we have established yesterday. And you should be aware of the reliability of a Vulcan memory.”

“I’m aware now.” Jim smiled, and then something else showed on his face. Spock wasn’t able to define the expression. It seemed to be a physical pain or discomfort. But Spock was having problems with reading human expressions and emotions since it was so easy to misinterpret them. It was easier with his mother. She was patient and she expressed her emotions less intensely.

“I missed you. I know we’re not meeting today but I just wanted to see your kind face.” Jim answered and winked. Spock was at loss of words.

Kirk walked right next to him and the backs of their hands brushed from time to time. Spock knew it was highly inappropriate because Kirk had no way of knowing about how sensitive Vulcan fingers are. But every time he was trying to move away, his body refused to comply.

So he tried not to show how very electrifying those brushes were. If he didn’t know better, he would be sure Kirk was doing it on purpose.

They arrived at his place and they stopped at the door.

“I have to go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” there was this softness around his eyes. Spock noticed that none of the other humans carried that expression on the Enterprise, or anywhere else for that matters.


“You seem to be so different from other crew members…” the First Officer mused. He tried to discover the factor which determined Jim Kirk, numerous times, but it escaped him, almost like Jim knew he was being estimated and he disguised what Spock was looking for.

Jim frowned slightly and his smile faded.

“What do you mean, Mr. Spock?” the human asked and Spock could hear the fear in his question. What was he afraid of?

“You have a most illogical habit of expressing your emotions, even though you are aware I am not capable to understand them.”

Relief. Spock did recognize this feeling, though. Kirk huffed a laugh and shook his head. Then, he smiled again, his usual cocky grin.

“Tomorrow, Spock. Okay?”

Spock nodded. “Tomorrow.”

Kirk turned on his heel and started to walk away. Spock opened the door and was about to step into the room when he took a last look at Kirk’s back.

“Lieutenant?” he called. Kirk stopped midstride and turned.

Spock opened his mouth. He closed it. And opened again.

“Tomorrow, Jim.” He said finally and to his surprise, his voice sounded soft. At least that’s what it sounded to him.

Kirk tilted his head and waved.

And that’s when the floor shook.

Spock lost his balance and fell.

The emergency lights came on and battle alarm sounded in the whole ship.

“Spock!” Kirk was right there, like he teleported from the end of the hall to the place where Spock was laying. He held his hand out and helped the Vulcan up. It was unnecessary, but it wasn’t the time to discuss the thing right now.

The Vulcan immediately pulled out his communicator and hailed the bridge.

“Spock to the bridge. What happened?”

“Commander!” it was Uhura’s voice. “We are under attack! The shields are down. The assailants are not responding on any frequency. ”

“I’m on my way to the bridge.”

“Shields. I’m on it.” Kirk simply said, throwing a thumb over his shoulder and ran to the engine room right away.

The ship shook again and Spock had to lean against the wall to stay upright.

When he finally entered the bridge the ship was still shaking but at least they were finally shielded.

“Captain, there’s still no response.” Uhura reported, still trying to communicate with the other ship. Spock went immediately to his station and scanned the other vessel.

“What can you tell me Spock?” Pike asked calmly.

“The technology does not seem to be anything we have met before. Or, it is almost everything we’ve encountered. They have Romulan shield system.”

“They were undetectable on our scanners.” Chekov confirmed.

“Although the weaponry system is close to Kilngon, with some modifications. They are prepared for long and violent battles, Captain. My sensors indicate a large amount of fuel, and energy. The whole design of the ship is a gathering of many different components.”

The ship shook again when the other ship kept firing.

“Shields down to 75%.” Sulu reported.

“Hold the fire, Mr. Sulu. Keep all the energy flow to the shields. We have to keep it up.”

“Yes sir!”

“Captain, we have received transmission from the vessel.”

“On screen.”

The screen before them flickered and an alien face looked down at them. The picture wasn’t clear because of the shields and the ongoing attack.

“My name is Christopher Pike, I’m the captain of-“

“Surrender your vessel.” An unpleasant voice cut in. The alien had dark green skin, almost black, and his face was so wrinkled that they could barely see his eyes.

“Our ship is much better equipped than yours, it is no use for you to fight back, if you are thinking about it.”

“We mean you no harm.” Pike continued. “We’re peaceful explorers from-“

“I don’t care.” The alien made a face. At least that’s what it looked like when some of the wrinkles changed their place and shape. “I know that you are directing all your energy to your shields. It leaves very little energy for you to try to run. Very unwise.”

“Who are you?” Spock dared to ask, fascinated by this creature. There were still so many undiscovered races in the space.

“My name is Arkhnar and I am the captain of this vessel, and soon yours.”

“Have we offended you in any way? We do not know your customs and we’re happy to learn.” Pike offered, hoping for a peaceful solution. He was, after all, the Captain and the diplomat.

Arkhnar snorted and the picture flickered when the other ship doubled their attack.

“You’re offending me with your resistance. I am Arkhnar, I take what I want, and I spare no one!”

“Shields down to 50%, Captain.” Sulu informed.

“Engine room, we need those shields!”

“Aye, sir!” Scotty sounded desperate.

“Captain Arkhnar, maybe we will be able to solve this situation without fighting.” Pike stood from his chair, spreading his hands in a welcoming gesture. “We are explorers. We want to meet new civilizations, to learn from them and to make friends, not enemies.”

“Ah,” Arkhnar said. “I do not need more friends.”

“If you take our ship now, you will have to deal with Federation Starfleet.”

“Are you threatening me?!”

“Not yet.” Pike’s voice lost its soft pleading tone. When a kind word didn’t help, Pike always turned to coldness. “But if you keep threatening us, we will contact with our headquarters.”

Arkhnar cursed and the image was lost.

“Shields down to 30%, Captain. They won’t hold much longer.” Sulu reported.

“We’ve lost contact, Captain.” Uhura informed.

“Captain, they stopped firing!” Chekov noticed with surprise in his voice.

“Affirmative.” Spock confirmed and immediately scanned for damages. There were minor damages in the ship’s sheathing and several sub-components were burnt, but the ship was still fully functional. Except for the shields which were barely holding up. He briefly described the situation to Captain Pike. The human frowned.

“They didn’t seem to want anything from us apart from the ship.”

“I do not believe they represented any specific culture, Captain.” Spock noticed.

“I agree, Captain.” Chekov turned on his chair to see the Captain. “Their ship is made of many different parts. Arkhnar said he takes what he wants. That reminds me of pirates on Earth.”

A murmur went through the bridge.

“I agree.” Spock said. “I’m familiar with the human myth of outlaws attacking other ships. Arkhnar seems to have attacked and robbed many ships from different civilizations and assembled a ship using the best components. His energy supplies and advanced technology onboard can be logically explained.”

“The remains of the attacked ships could have been sold or traded for necessary things.” Pike agreed, thinking hard, if there was anything they could do in this case. During the many years of his service he’s never been in such situation. Usually the attackers wanted something specific and despite problems they managed to reach an understanding. He was never dealing with a space criminal before. Not when 400 lives were at stake.

“What are our chances if we resist?”

“The chances are 9.24%, Captain. Shields are at 26% and we barely have power to maneuver the ship. Arkhnar may not be the most intelligent creature, but his instruments are precise.”

“Why do you think he is not intelligent?” Uhura asked, watching Spock intently. Ever since he joined their crew, she admired the First Officer for his cool attitude and his knowledge.

“A device which can describe energy flow is also capable of defining different types of energy and power. We do, in fact, have an auxiliary energy source, which operates the transporters. It is not enough to power up the shield, however it is detectable.”

Uhura nodded.

“So, he is not intelligent enough or his instruments are not that precise.”

“Either way, it is our chance to buy some more time.” Pike rubbed his chin, thinking of any strategy which would save the ship and their lives.

“Captain, their ship is armed in three cannons and minor lasers. If we have just enough time to redirect the power to the weapons’ system we will be able to take the cannons down. The sheathing should hold if they will attack us with the lasers.” The pilot turned in his chair, waiting for captains decision.

“You are right Mr. Sulu, but your plans requires extra precision in calculating the exact target. And it gives us little time for three shots.”

“I will be able to calculate the exact position of the targets, Captain.”

They all looked at the young navigator. Ensign Chekov innocently stared back at them.

“I can do that.” He said, more confident than ever. “And if we manage to surprise them we will have the necessary time to take out all three cannons.”

Captain Pike narrowed his eyes. He made a good decision, when he welcomed the seventeen year old ensign in his crew.

“Chekov, Russia should be proud of you. Now, do it.”

“Yes sir!”

The screen flickered once again and they all saw Arkhnar’s face.

“Do you think I’m that stupid? It will take weeks before any of your Starfleet ships arrives here, and I’ll be far away by that time! Prepare to be boarded. Surrender, or die!”


“Spock?” the captain turned away from the screen, so that the pirate didn’t hear him.

“Captain, it took exactly 6 minutes for Arkhnar to realize the nearest Starfleet ship is too far away to pose any threat.”

“It seems you choose death.” Arkhnar hissed.

“Wait! Please.” Pike faced the screen. “We’re discussing the surrender.” He lied but didn’t expect Arkhnar to detect it. “It is a large vessel and I there are 400 men on this ship.”

“I can take care of that for you. My men will quickly terminate your problem.”

“Also, we need to redirect the energy from the shield to the transporter. You already know that everything we had was in the shield. And without the transporter you won’t be able to beam onto Enterprise.”

“Why not?!”

“The ship has independent systems preventing any unauthorized transmission. Disarming it will take hours.”

Arkhnar didn’t say anything. He just watched the Captain carefully. Pike waited another several seconds before continuing.

“We want to live, not to die. I understand you want the ship intact. Give us fifteen minutes and we will prepare the ship for you.”

Arkhnar’s wrinkles twisted and then his hoarse voice filled the bridge.

“You have ten minutes. If you’re not ready then, we will shoot. The remains of the ship can be sold or traded. I win either way.”

The image disappeared.

“Engine room. Transfer the energy to the weapons system.”

“Aye sir.”

“Chekov, calculate the position of the targets.”

“Yes sir.”

“Sulu, when the coordinates are entered you will have to set the phasers manually. We can’t risk Arkhnar reading our energy flow before we are ready.”

“Yes sir!.”

“Mr. Spock, we will need your expertise in the engine room. I’m sure Mr. Scott is the best man for the job but with your help we will be able to fit in those ten minutes.”

“Captain.” Spock inclined his head and walked into the turbolift.


Five minutes later he was working on the sequences in the shield’s energy control panel, as fast as he could, but not too fast, because that would be unwise. Mr. Scott worked on the panel which was connected to the weapons.

They would be ready by now if Spock hadn’t discovered a failsafe in the shield’s settings. Apparently, if the shields were below 30% the energy transfer couldn’t be processed.

Mr. Scott cursed and hit the controls.

“Damnit all to hell! We have to open the valve manually.”

“Impossible.” Spock shook his head. “The energy spike that would cross the tube will be deadly for anyone inside.”

“It is the only way. We’re wasting time with the failsafe, and it’s not logical Mr. Spock.” Scotty sounded panicked. Spock regarded him for a moment before locking the controls on the panel he was working on.

“We have 4.5 minutes.” The Vulcan simply said and strode towards the hatch which led to the valve.

“Mr Spock!” Scotty yelled but he didn’t listen. A human wouldn’t survive, but a Vulcan had 3.6% chance to survive. If there was no other solution, Spock will take the chance.

When he got there, the hatch was already opened. And somebody was already squeezing through to the tube.

“Lt. Kirk, step down, immediately!”

“I’m afraid I can’t, Commander.” Kirk was now all the way in the tube. “I work here, and your place is on the bridge.”

Kirk was right. Spock knew it. But something inside his head insisted that it shouldn’t be this way.

“You will not survive. I have at least a small chance of-“

“Spock.” Kirk cut in, gasping with effort while he was shifting in the tube and making his way to the valve. “You are the most logical creature I know. Tell me, do we have time to swap places right now?”

Spock opened his mouth and closed it. It wasn’t happening. It should be him up there. Kirk was acting on his arrogance and bravery but still, the human was right.

“No,” he finally said. “We don’t.”

“Do me a favor.” Kirk was already out of Spock’s sight. He Vulcan could only hear the kind voice talking to him. “Remember me. Or I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.” His voice was warm, and Spock imagined the smile that made Jim’s face look peaceful and soft around his eyes.

Spock didn’t answer. He simply closed the hatch.

Spock felt strange feeling in his side. His heart was acting strangely. Every fiber of his body screamed for Kirk to come back, but he couldn’t force himself to do anything.

What about their chess game tomorrow? Did Kirk think about their meeting?

Spock swallowed down the sensations and took a deep, shaking breath.

And he left the place. It was only logical to carry on with their plan. He couldn’t let his emotions get in the way of his reason. Besides, he was a Vulcan. He had no emotions.

He swallowed loudly. Exactly. No emotions at all.

They had a little less than half a minute when Spock arrived, strangely numb, on the bridge.

“Everything set, Spock?”

“Yes Captain. However we are sacrificing a life of a fine man.”

Silence fell in the room.

Arkhnar appeared on the screen.

“Are you ready to be boarded?”

Everybody turned towards the ugly face.

“Almost. You gave us too little time to-“

Arkhnar roared, furious.

“I’m tired of your stupid excuses. You’ve had enough time! Your remains would not be as good as the ship but it will have to be enough.” Arkhnar terminated the connection.

“Captain, they are powering up.” Sulu warned.

“Spock.” Pike turned to his First.

“If we don’t open fire now, sir, we will all die.” Sulu spoke, a little bit nervous. Spock couldn’t blame him. The Vulcan walked to the communication control and established the connection with the engine room.

“Engine room. Prepare to transfer the power!” Pike ordered.

Sulu confirmed the flow of the energy as soon as the valve was opened.

A strange, almost electric shockwave ran through Spock’s body. In this very second, Lt. Kirk died. He felt it in every part of his body, almost like it was a kind of physical pain.

“Jim.” Spock whispered, not really caring if they all will die today or not, because tomorrow, Jim will not play chess with him. “Tomorrow.”

Static came through the communication channel. The energy filled the tube.

“It’s too late!” Chekov shouted. “They’re opening fire!”

The first blast hit the shield hard.

“Shields down to 20%. And falling. The energy stuck between the systems!”

The pirates kept firing. The ship shook terribly. Communication panel made a strange noise and shot sparks in every direction. Uhura screamed and leaned back as far as she could, falling backwards. Spock lost his balance, but managed to help the girl before the sparks fell on her and burnt through her skin.

Sulu and Chekov barely held their positions, gripping at the control panel.

“What’s the status?” Pike clamped down on his chair and refused to let go, still in command of the ship.

“Shields are at… 25%?” Sulu squeaked.


“25%... 28%... and still rising!”

“Is that system malfunction?”

“No Captain!” Chekov shouted over the noise. ”I have the same readings!”

Spock pushed off the floor and got to his station. He quickly checked the readings.

“Affirmative. The shields seem to drain power. It is not, however, our power.” Spock frowned and run the diagnostics again, because what he saw on his screen could not be possible. He checked again, the results were still the same. They were draining power from the attack. The plasma from Arkhnar’s cannons delivered more than enough of the necessary energy to hold the shields. He informed the Captain about the scan results. Pike was at loss of words.

“We don’t have such technology.” Pike murmured.

“Nobody has such technology. Power drain, while being shielded below 30%, is not possible.” Spock looked up from his readings and straightened. The shields grew stronger with every second and the pirates kept firing. They even doubled they effort to destroy Enterprise. With no success.

The ship stopped shaking and some of the power seemed to be directed to the engines and the weaponry system. Sulu reported several spikes in his readings.

Fascinating.” Spock sighed.

“Captain, the shields are at 100%.” Chekov reported.

“Weapons at maximum.” Sulu added. “We are fully operational and shielded.”

“Can somebody please tell me what the hell just happened?” Pike growled.

Silence fell on the bridge. Even Spock could not find an answer to this question. The shields assimilated alien power like it was a natural reflex, even though the only possible power source is from Enterprise’s own source. Then, the same alien power brought their engines to full capacity and charged their weapons. The Enterprise’s systems were created, designed and programmed to reject any kind of energy that was from outside.

“Whatever it was-“ Spock started but was interrupted by a salve from Enterprise phasers. In three precise shots, they took down the cannons.

“Lt. Sulu! Did I order you to open fire?” Pike stood up, irritated.

“But sir! I didn’t do anything!” Sulu leaned back on his chair, keeping his hands up. The phasers kept firing, aiming for enemy’s lasers. Several moments later, the pirates were disarmed, and the system automatically located the other ship’s engine, so that one shot would destroy it completely.

Sulu and Chekov looked at each other.

Somebody whispered. “The ghost…”

And to Spock’s surprise, Captain Pike nodded his head.


The next few hours passed quickly and harmlessly, despite the silence and terror filling the ship’s walls. Spock unintentionally sensed the emotions of people surrounding him. He repeated that everything could be explained by science, but nobody listened.

The pirates surrendered quickly, after they lost their weapons. Pike put them in the brig, and secured their ship. After contacting the nearest system is occurred that the pirates terrorized this sector for quite some time and the government of the main planet was happy to welcome Arkhnar in their prison.

There were signatures of strange energy in the shield, but Spock had no time to analyze it further. They had to fix the communication panel and make sure every person who has suffered from the attack got to medical bay. The shield was lowered, but just as a precaution, Spock activated a buffer to prevent the remaining energy to mix with the ship’s power.

Uhura was the only one on the bridge who needed medical attention. She tried to brush it off, saying that it was just a bump on her forehead. Spock gently explained that while her behavior might be considered brave, it was, in fact, quite foolish.

Uhura narrowed her eyes dangerously, but followed Spock to the sickbay without another word.

Once in the sickbay, Spock noticed the change in the atmosphere. Somebody was not afraid. On the contrary. Somebody in this room was feeling safe and at peace.

Spock looked around, scanning people in the room. It wasn’t crowded, but there was too many people for the Vulcan to find the source of the positive emotions. Anyway, it wasn’t his priority at the moment.

He made sure Uhura reported her bumped head to doctor McCoy and left the place, ignoring the way that the doctor rolled his eyes at Spock.

When communication control panel was finally fixed, Spock went to the science lab to prepare his report about what exactly happened. He submitted the report and waited for the computer to approve and download it on the disk, before he could go to the conference room. In five minutes the heads of all departments were supposed to be there.

Report rejected.” Said soft feminine voice.

Spock submitted the report again, with the same result.

“Computer. Details of the errors in the report.”

Invalid data. Invalid name. Lt. Kirk, James T, not found in the database.

“Computer, confirm.”

Invalid data. Invalid name. Lt. Kirk, James T., not found in the database. Confirmed.

“Impossible.” Spock muttered and manually entered the name. The screen flickered for a split second before showing message ‘no matches’.

The door opened and Dr McCoy entered, carrying two data PADDs which, most probably, belonged to the scientists who were in the medical bay earlier. Apparently the good doctor decided they had to stay in the sickbay, and confiscated the PADDs.

“Spock. Working on your report?” he asked, while walking to one of the tables and putting the PADDs down.

“I am attempting to, however it appears that the Enterprise main computer was affected by the energy drain. I cannot locate a name of one of the crew members.”

McCoy snorted.

“At least we are alive. Don’t bother with the report right now. The Captain is too spooked to think of regulations and paperwork.”

“That person died today, and he was my friend.” Spock replied calmly. The other man froze, not really sure what to say.

Spock lifted his gaze and looked at the doctor. Suddenly, he sensed the strange emotion again, but this time it was clear - the peace and the feeling of safety.

“May I ask you about something, doctor?”

McCoy looked at the Vulcan, very much surprised, but he nodded anyway.

“You seem to be the only person on the entire ship who is not afraid or scared of the situation at hand.”

McCoy’s eyebrows went up, to his hairline.

“Well, I’ll be scared when I know that we are in danger.” He mumbled.

“But you seem to be… content with the current situation. As a matter of fact, you are feeling safe and protected now, more than before, even though the ship may still be in danger. Why is that, doctor?”

“Why do you want to know? Don’t you have anything better to do?” McCoy growled, suddenly angry.

Spock simply stared at him, waiting for an answer.

“Oh, hell.” The doctor sat down in the nearest chair. “I might need a drink after that…” he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Then he pinched the bridge of his nose and spoke.

“It’s the ghost. I don’t know if you heard the story – new personnel was assigned to the Enterprise over a year ago. The transporter malfunctioned and the last person which was beamed up died. We lost him shortly after he dematerialized in the docking bay. He never re-appeared in the ship. The beta copy which usually is held by the buffer was never created. I knew that guy, we were friends in the Academy and we were assigned to this ship together.

“After Jim’s death strange things started to happen on the Enterprise, that is why they say it’s a haunted ship.”

“Jim?” Spock breathed, suddenly experiencing a sinking feeling in his stomach.

“Yeah.” McCoy smiled to himself. “Jim Kirk. I like to think that those strange things are happening because he is still here. You wouldn’t understand, ghosts and beliefs are illogical to you, but I believe that he is here, and that he helped us today.”

“Jim Kirk?” Spock asked.


“James T. Kirk?”

The doctor narrowed his eyes dangerously and snarled.

“What is your problem you pointy eared-“

Spock turned the computer’s monitor towards the doctor in one smooth move.

“- bastard…” McCoy’s eyed widened and his mouth opened in shock.

On the screen, two lines stated in red: ‘Report rejected. Invalid name: Kirk, James T., no matches found.’

“This is the name I was searching for in the database.”

'Tomorrow' - part two.
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You're asking an awful lot of questions. You do realize I can't answer them now, don't you? :P

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Ya know...ghosts aren't solid right? So wouldn't Spock go THROUGH him when he ran into Jim?

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....can I stab the alien AKA Arkhnar in the face? Can I? *wields a sharp knife*

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